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Celiac disease and nutrition

Gluten is a protein which is found in some foods and that can cause immune reactions in some sensitive individuals: intolerance to gluten is called celiac disease or celiac sprue.

The intake of food containing this protein by a person with gluten intolerance triggers an immune reaction that damages the intestine.

Celiac people must follow a proper diet that is a diet that excludes the presence of gluten or traces of it in foods (for example, naturally gluten-free foods may be contaminated during the production process if products containing gluten are used in the same plant).

The whole family can therefore move towards a varied, genuine and natural gluten-free diet, for example tasting our Italian gluten-free pasta together. Its nutritional characteristics, its firmness whilst cooking, its great taste and better digestibility, combined with the complete assurance of the absence of gluten, make our pasta suitable and excellent for the whole family.