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Italian gluten-free dried pasta

We guarantee a high standard of quality and a clean production process. This allows us to say with absolute certainty that we produce a kind of pasta which is for sure gluten-free and of a very high quality.

Our factory is exclusively dedicated to the production of gluten-free dried pasta and this ensures the impossibility of cross-contamination. It is absolutely forbidden to bring inside it any kind of food or drinks that contain gluten, to avoid with absolute certainty any accidental contamination.

Our Quality System provides an accurate control of raw materials: the only alimentary raw material purchased by our factory for the production of the gluten-free pasta is a mixture of corn flour and rice.

Upon receipt of the raw material we immediately verify:

The control system manager (RHACCP) is charged to take a sample of raw material for each delivery of flour; the sample is identified with date and batch, analyzed by our laboratory and stored for at least 27 months.

The packaging materials in direct contact with food consist of food cardboard trays wrapped in plastic film, of course accompanied by a declaration of suitability for contact with food and a declaration that certifies the absence of the risk of gluten contamination.

All the gluten-free pasta we produce is authorized by the Ministry of Health, included in the national register of "gluten-free" health foods.

To ensure the reliability of our company each box clearly shows the ingredients and nutritional values.