La Rosa Store

La Rosa gluten-free ready sauces

How we make them

The preparation of our sauces is strictly artisanal.
The meats are minced with the mincer and not with the cutter, to reproduce the home-making process. We cook all our sauces and ragu slowly.
The care and selection of raw materials give our products a unique tastiness and lightness, even for the more structured ones.
After a slow preparation, we pack the product in glass jars, that are sterilized in an autoclave at 120°C, to ensure maximum food safety and conservation for up to 36 months

Our Recipes

Our sauces are the result of recipes designed to best enhance their ingredients. Our recipes are characterized by research, selection and careful processing of raw materials. We do not use concentrates and our sauces have the natural colour of Italian tomato.
All our recipes are 100% natural, without preservatives, thickeners and are lactose and gluten-free, to satisfy every palate!

Tips for Use

All our sauces and ragu are ready-made, therefore you are strongly advised not to cook them again, rather pour them directly on your pasta.

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