La Rosa Store

An artisan company always has “le mani in pasta”

“Avere le mani in pasta” (to have a hand in pasta making) is an untranslatable Italian idiom which holds the idea of entrepreneurial skills, with the utmost "artisan" care of the quality and safety of a product, all along the production and distribution chain.

When I decided to take up the pasta-making business, I wanted to produce gluten-free pasta that would be every bit as good as the traditional one. Using pure gluten-free flours, without added thickeners, preservatives and sugars, was not easy. Only after a number of different tests and blends, did I reach an excellent quality and since then our company has never changed its recipe.
After so many years, I have and will always have…“le mani in pasta”, i.e. a hand in the pasta-making business.

We guarantee a total absence of contamination and our greatest entrepreneurial value is consistency.


Establishment of the Pastificio La Rosa company and construction of the pasta factory


Authorization of the Italian Ministry of Health for the production and distribution of gluten-free products


First contacts on the international market


Strengthening of relations with Italian and international customers


Confirmation of the initial purpose: a 100% natural product, for the whole family

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