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The importance of the 100% gluten-free guarantee

According to our first-hand experience only when a factory produces EXCLUSIVELY GLUTEN-FREE FOODS there is certainty of 100% gluten-free products.

Pastificio La Rosa processes gluten-free foods only

Therefore, our factory produces exclusively gluten-free dried pasta and guarantees the absence of cross-contamination. It is strictly forbidden to bring inside the factory any type of food or drink that may contain gluten, in order to avoid any accidental contamination with absolute certainty.

An integrated quality system

The integrated Quality System of Pastificio La Rosa provides for an accurate control of raw materials: Currently, the only food raw material purchased by the company for the production of gluten-free pasta is a mixture of flours. The entire integrated system provides:

1 - Selection of raw materials

2 - Delivery at the factory*

3 - Conformity clearance

4 - Presence of an analytical certificate,
reporting the compliance to a maximum amount of 20 ppm of gluten

5 - Presence of a certificate reporting the absence of GMOs and allergens

6 - Production, drying,
moisture content control of pasta, cooking test, tasting test

7 - Packaging

8 - Distribution.

* For each flour supply, the person in charge of the self-control system (RHACCP) takes a sample of the raw material; this sample is identified with date and order number, analysed again by our laboratory and kept for a minimum of 36 months.

100% made in Italy

Italy is one of the most monitored places in the world in terms of food quality and safety. Pastificio La Rosa scrupulously follows all protocols required by law by the relevant control bodies and adopts strict rules to ensure maximum safety. And for our consumers we make an extra effort by using the finest flours, traced from cultivation to milling. We work with passion and with the most modern equipment, without added thickeners and sugars; this makes the production process more complex, but guarantees healthy and natural products.

What about packaging gluten-free pasta

After drying, we check that the residual moisture in the pasta is below 13%. This step ensures that the product has been dried correctly. Being in effect an artisanal pasta factory, all our long pasta is placed in food cardboard trays, then wrapped in plastic film, entirely by hand. In this way each nest of pasta we produce is carefully checked. As for the short formats, each loom of pasta is checked visually before being poured into the packaging machine.

All gluten-free pasta produced by Pastificio La Rosa is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health and listed in the national register of "gluten-free" dietary products to be payable by the NHS.

Our Authorization:


Pastificio La Rosa has obtained authorization from the Health Ministry for the production and packaging of pasta SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED FOR GLUTEN INTOLERANT PEOPLE.

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